What do you see?

Save the Sound and The Nature Conservancy want to know your vision for the future of Plum Island.

We’re working together and with consulting firm Marstel-Day to write a report with various scenarios, pathways to protection, and proposed outcomes. We aim for permanent conservation, habitat protection, and reuse of Plum Island’s existing infrastructure to maintain skilled jobs compatible with conservation.

We met in Riverhead, New York, in November 2018, with more than 50 stakeholders, including elected and agency officials from local, tribal, state, and federal governments and representatives from academia, cultural institutions, historic preservation organizations, and the business sector, as well as ecological, parks management, advocacy, and civic organizations. Read more on our blog. In March 2019, we met with 55 scientists and naturalists at the Long Island Natural History Conference to discuss best outcomes for the Plum Island Conservation District.

A shortlist of potential scenarios for the island will be developed later in 2019 and compiled into a draft report. We’ll share it for public comment. We’re looking forward to using our final vision in conversations with Plum Island champions in government, especially the U.S. Congress!

What would you do with your own private island? Guess what: you are already one of millions of owners of Plum Island. Check out this video by Thomas Halaczinsky and Petrina Engelke.

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Stay tuned for a survey that allows you to lend your voice to the future of Plum Island.

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