Preserve Plum Island - Fighting to preserve 843 acres of wildlife habitat from development

Good News...New Zoning

Plum Island itself is in the Town of Southold. Because it is currently federal property, it has no local zoning restrictions. However, once it leaves federal hands it will revert to Southold Town property. This allows Southold to zone Plum Island to ensure that fragile habitats are protected from future development. Town officials recognize the environmental and recreational importance of Plum Island and will establish the following zoning districts on the island:

  • Plum Island Conservation District (PIC) to preserve the integrity of the regionally significant natural, scenic and historic resources of Plum Island for the benefit of the residents of the Town of Southold; and
  • Plum Island Research District (PIR) to encourage the use of land for research and education opportunities, provide employment opportunities and to preserve the island’s significant natural, historic, scenic and cultural resources.

The creation of these districts would limit what Plum Island can and cannot be used for and therefore prevent inappropriate development that could damage wildlife habitat and water quality. The proposal lists acceptable uses of the island that include a nature preserve, public park for passive recreation, educational facility, and museums.

The Preserve Plum Island Coalition supports the new zoning on the property in that it will forbid any traditional residential, commercial, or industrial development, only permitting research and conservation uses, thereby ensuring that the critical natural and cultural resources of the Island will be preserved.

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